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101 Ways to Use


Family Time

Twelve Ways to Get Glad

with GladWare®

Stop the Sauce Stain

Leftover tomato sauce is a lifesaver. Leftover tomato stains in the container? Nobody got time for that. Try spraying cooking oil in your GladWare® or FreezerWare containers beforehand. Coat the bottom and all sides. It'll help prevent stains from even starting.

Ornament Storage

It's easy to store and protect your small Christmas ornaments with GladWare® Mini Round containers. With tight-sealing lids and solid plastic sides, they're a great way to keep delicate ornaments from being damaged after the holidays.


Labels for Your Table


Don't get stuck with humongous holiday hassles, get your guests to help with the post-Thanksgiving cleanup. Pre-label GladWare® Family Size Containers with your guests' names and let them fill up their own. They'll be thankful for their generous host and you'll be thankful for the free plate-clearing service. It's a Thanksgiving miracle!


What To Do With All Those Baby Shoes


Your baby will likely accumulate lots and lots of teeny tiny shoes, but can only wear one pair at a time! Organize the others into GladWare® containers, either by size, season or both!


Never Be Without Puree


Washing, peeling, steaming, and blending baby food can become quite the process, especially if you consider time spent cleaning up.  Make a big batch of your baby's purees and store them in GladWare®  Mini Round containers. These 4 ounce containers are the perfect size for your little foodie's growing appetite. Place your containers in the freezer so you always have a puree on hand and remove one in the morning for a delicious meal by lunch!


End the Battle With Your Sock Drawer


You know how it is. You're already running late, and the only thing standing between you and the front door is your sock drawer. Upon opening and reaching in for a matching pair, you find everything but that. GladWare® can help you take control of your sock drawer. Organize your socks by use and color and you'll never attempt to put a pair of underwear on your foot.


Say Goodbye to Open Bags Of Pasta


Sometimes you only want to make half a bag of pasta, and the other half winds up sitting in your pantry until the next pasta night rolls around. Dry pasta has an incredibly long shelf life, but once the package is opened, the clock starts ticking. If you won't use the opened bag of dry pasta within three weeks, it is highly recommended to store it in an airtight container to reduce air exposure. The next time you cozy up with a bowl of saucy fusilli, keep the rest of the dry pasta in a GladWare® container so your next pasta night is just as good.


What's For Dinner? DIY Salad Bar!


Reclaim dinnertime with a DIY salad bar that your kids will love. Place salad toppings in various sized GladWare® containers , lay them out on the counter, and let your family create their own edible masterpieces. For added fun, have your kids use GladWare® containers to house their salads, so that when it comes time to add dressing, they can seal the lid (tightly!) and shake to evenly distribute. 


A Mess-Free Way to Scoop Dog Food


Your days of clumsily pouring dog food from bag to bowl are over. Use GladWare® containers as a pet scoop to neatly transfer your beloved pup's kibble for mealtime. You wont miss collecting strewn dog food off the floor.


A Toolbox You Can See Through

The largest GladWare® containers make for excellent tool boxes. First off,  when you keep your tools contained, you prevent little hands from getting in. In addition, GladWare® containers are clear, so you'll be able to see if you have the screwdriver you need or if you're making a trip to the hardware store.


Transform Your Container Into a Planter


If you're willing to give up two containers, you can easily transform your GladWare® into a planter. Simply take two containers of the same size, poke holes in the bottom of one container, and stack it on top of the other. Fill your GladWare® as you would a planter.


Mini Rounds For Storing Mini Paints


Easily transport smaller amounts of paint to class or home with GladWare® Mini Rounds. At 4 ounces each, you'll have enough room for a smidgen of every color you need to complete your masterpiece.


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